the chancel windows

The center panel needs no explanation as it represents Jesus as the Good Shepherd.  The panel is outlined with a border of grapes.  Above the top of the lancet is the symbol of the Trinity.  The wording around the outside reads: “Filius non est Pater non est Spiritus Sanctus non est Filius“—which means the Son is not the Father is not the Holy Spirit is not the Son, but all are one God, and the word Deus is in the center.

The lancets on each side of the Good Shepherd  window are focused on the four evangelists.  The medallions in the window to the right are labeled for Matthew and Mark.  The human face, surrounded by wings, represents Matthew because his Gospel account traces Jesus’ human genealogy.  The figure below, a winged creature with a lion’s face, is the symbol for Mark because his Gospel narrative begins with “the voice of one crying in the wilderness”—the roar of a lion. 

In the panel to the left of the Good Shepherd the evangelists’ names do not appear because these two have universal symbols. St. Luke is symbolized by a winged creature with the head of an ox, the animal of sacrifice, because Luke’s gospel stresses the atoning sacrifice of Jesus.  Below is a medallion of a winged creature with an eagle’s head.  The high-soaring eagle, often seen as inspiration, is the emblem of John because his gospel focuses on the mind of Christ. 

All Saints Episcopal Church

​Saugatuck, Michigan