All Saints Episcopal Church

​Saugatuck, Michigan

Window Design

The section at the top of the aisle windows is called the “quatre-foil” because of its four points representing the evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

The circular section is called a medallion and contains a central symbol of the Christian faith.

The two section below are called “kytes.”  All the aisle windows have lilies representing the purity and innocence  of Christ.

The bottom section of the windows are called lancets.  These are surrounded by the grape vine invoking both Christ as the vine and his followers as the branches, and invoking the Last Supper, the wine as a symbol of His covenant with his followers.

During Sunday morning worship, colorful reflections dance on the walls, created by the sun shining  through the red, blue and green borders in each window.  You will notice that they are matched across the aisles.  There are many interpretations of the use of color in religious symbolism.  We enjoy their vibrancy and their reminder of those who have gone before.